Protect Your Online Course From Piracy

Course Guard helps to stop your online course spreading for free on the internet by monitoring your online course material on thousands of free file sharing and pirate sites.

Monitor & Protect

CourseGuard helps you to monitor and protect all of the materials that make up your online course(s).


Whether it’s just an eBook or one small part of your online course, CourseGuard will help monitor and notify you of misuse.


Online courses have many mediums it can be delivered from. PDF’s are one of the many we find misused or shared free. 


Online course videos are one of the most visually dynamic learning elements, and the most shared without authorization.

Protect Your Intellectual Property

Your intellectual property is the lifeblood of your online course and the source of revenue for your hard work and knowledge. Protecting it with CourseGuard will help stave off illegal sharing and return unknown profit loss.

Try CourseGuard! You may be losing more than you think. 

Course Platform Compatibility

We work with subscribers that are using the following course platforms and many more.

Just ask when you request an evaluation scan!

Opting For Security In The Future

It’s a big investment when you create your online course material. You pour all of your knowledge and time into essentially a business investment. Like any investment you want to make sure it’s secure.

Secure it with CourseGuard, and regain control of your online course content. 

Common Questions

We get it, you’ve got a few questions about CourseGuard! It’s cool, we like questions and are happy to answer them…

But if you ask us how the universe works or alien technology, well, we can search for that too if that’s what your online course is about!

Once you become a subscriber to the Course Guard service, within 24hrs you will begin to see the exact place(s) your course or course content is being shared. You will find all of this information within your personal account – dashboard.

There is no way to 100% protect your online course from being misused. But, there are preventative measures that can ensure your Online Course Content stops spreading free like a malicious virus. Course Guard monitors your online course material on thousands of free file sharing and pirate sites. If your course is found at any of these sites, you will be notified of it’s shared location. From there, you’re able to take the appropriate DMCA takedown request directly.

This is a very good question and one we get a lot. We do guarantee if your course is found being shared free in the wild of the internet, we’ll notify you. If you’re unsure, we’ll do a test scan to find out if it’s on one of the many sites we monitor. There’s a VERY good chase if your course is found on one, it’s being shared free on many others.

Course Guard isn’t a tool that directly integrates with other platforms yet, but it is on our roadmap. It is a combination of human driven, automation, and AI. It’s an independent proprietary service that is universally compatible with all course creating platforms.

The Course Guard Service Works With The Following Platform Users;
Thinkific, Teachable, Udemy, Skillshare, Kajabi, Learn Worlds, LearnDash, Podia, Ruzuku, and more.

If you’re unsure, request an audit and let us search and discover if your course content has been compromised. If it has, CourseGuard will notify you of one instance found.

Because our service is secure and sensitive in nature, you will have to verify ownership of the course. Complete the Course Guard intake form and follow all of the steps for the free discovery scan and ownership validation.

Once you have subscribed to the CourseGuard service, you will receive access to our secure portal (Account Dashboard) where all of your found course content will be delivered to you securely.

Ready To Monitor & Protect Your Online Course?
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CourseGuard works with full and part-time course creators, as well as experienced marketing gurus creating informational courses and training. No matter what type of training or course creator you are, we can help monitor and protect your teaching material!

What To Expect On Your

FREE Evaluation Scan

Discovered course content is never shared or public, ever!

  • Request a free evaluation scan.
  • Our deep scan tech will start searching based on the info you’ve provided.
  • We will send you an overall report of detected course material misuse.
  • You suddenly realize that CourseGuard is an awesome defense worth subscribing too.